Concrete slabs and bases are the foundation work for your project. Bonner Formwork has managed and completed a whole range of slab and base projects for private and commercial clients across the South of England.

Concrete slabs & bases construction with formwork contractors on site
Concrete Slabs & Bases in Dorking FC
Concrete Slabs & Bases Pour in New Forest

Concrete Slabs & BASES

Bonner Formwork will provide you or your client with a solid floor / foundation that meets your expectations, whether it’s for a domestic property or a commercial environment.

Our floors endure heavy use. We will manage your project from a tamped finish to a full power float ensuring your floor is strong with a smooth finish.

Concrete Foundations

Concrete slabs that are ground bearing are another option if appropriate. Bonner Formwork has completed various formwork projects constructing concrete slabs throughout the South of England.

Our foundations can help you reinforce existing buildings, install piled retaining walls, or create new foundations for all kinds of homes, commercial properties or building types. Contact us for a free quote here.