We have taken on small and large RC Frames projects for industry contractors and plan to grow significantly over the coming years. We believe that Bonner Formwork is one of the fastest growing reinforced concrete contractors in the South of England.

Big Yellow RC Frame in Guildford
RC frames was Ardingly College in Haywards Heath
RC frames built at Ardingly College in Haywards Heath 2018


Bonner Formwork have comprehensive skills and experience constructing reinforced concrete frame structures (RC Frames).

Using the most up to date specialist machinery and processes we are able to undertake technically challenging and complex projects you would often in restrictive areas.

All formwork projects are built in situ on site.

Formwork Projects

We can cover all projects including…

  • Car parks
  • Office buildings
  • Flats

In fact we can cover any commercial or residential building. Contact us for your RC frame project here.