Bonner Formwork Ltd is a reinforced concrete construction company.

Our foremen have a combined 60+ years of professional formwork experience. Bonner Formwork offer a full service in reinforced concrete construction for frames, beams, bases, walls, staircases & basements. Please contact us for a free quote.


Dean Bonner
managing DIRECTOR

karis bonner
accounts director

Robert bonner
site foreman

Before Bonner Formwork, Robert spent years as a foreman for some of the top construction companies in England. He gained a reputation as “the best staircase formworker in the business”. Having a vast knowledge of all things formwork, Robert is the “go to” formwork specialist for complex projects.

After learning the trade from his father, Dean went on to spend 10 years working on superstructures in and around London before the pair reunited to form Bonner Formwork. Dean is now the proud director of the company, and manages the business. Dean still enjoys getting hands-on when he gets the chance.

As well as managing the office, Karis is busy chasing around her two beautiful daughters who enjoy building various princess towers and animals farms, clearly they have the Bonner gene.